Business Web Directory  - Submission Rules


Site Submission Rules

All web sites submitted to Business Directory submit must meet the following minimum criteria:

  1. The site must be up and running 24/7;
  2. The site must not already appear in the Directory;
  3. The site must contain unique content, as determined by a Globelink editor;
  4. The site must not contain any parts under construction;
  5. The site must clearly define its purpose, products, and/or services;
  6. All links on the site must work;
  7. The site must be in the English language (or have an English version available); (Non-English sites are acceptable. However you need to submit your non-english sites to the appropriate category under World. It would be better if the description of your site is in English, even if the content on your site is in some other language)
  8. The site must support multiple browsers and capabilities;
  9. The site must not contain any content, products, services or other information that may be illegal to sell under any applicable law, that may infringe or violate anyone's rights, or that, Globelink believes, in its sole discretion, is offensive.
  10. The submission guidelines may keep on changing from time to time. New TOS/conditions would not apply to those sites which has already been listed. It is advisable that you read the TOS everytime you return for another submission.

To make Globelink directory as useful for our users as possible, we developed Submission Guidelines for our directory. Before suggest your site for Globelink directory, please read these rules. Our editors have the right to reject, block and delete any sites that do not follow these rules.

The following sites will not be included into the Globelink:

Sites containing any adult materials will not be included
  • Adult sites containing obviously sexual image galleries
  • Sites mostly containing sex stories that have no literary value
  • Sites selling sex toys only or together with other products
  • Sites containing links to other adult sites
  • Sites containing sex-oriented advertisements
  • Sites selling or advertising sex-oriented medicines

Sites containg any illegal materials

  • Sites containing libel, child pornography, materials violating the copyright
  • Sites containing the propaganda of violence, hatred or fraud
  • Sites containing pirate software or links to other sites that contain it
  • Sites selling or advertising weapons, drugs and other illegal products

Sites containing the following content

  • Sites containing any gambling online games, such as roulette, poker, bingo, etc. as well as advertisements of gambling houses
  • Sites mostly consisting of affiliate links
  • Sites created only for displaying AdSense advertisements and other similar advertisements
  • Sites with poor design and with a lot of advertisements
  • Sites containing a lot of animated images and looking like a Christmas tree because of it
  • Sites that are your home page or devoted to your pet
  • Sites containing your diaries that have no value for others

Our editors have the right to make any changes in the title, description or keywords of your site and to change its location - move it to another category or subcategory. You site can be blocked or removed from our directory without a prior notification if it violates the above rules.

Article Submission Rules

The articles that you submit must be your own work:

You may not submit articles written by other authors and the content must be unique. No rebranded articles allowed, you must be the sole copyright holder for each article you submit. Articles written by a ghost writer are perfectly acceptable as long as they are being used only by yourself.  

No affiliate links:

The articles that you submit to Globelink should not contain affiliate links. It is acceptable, however, to mention the URL's of helpful sites or your own website which redirects to the recommended affiliate product. Submitting an article in no ways guarantees inclusion in Globelink We reserve the right to reject an article submission for any reason.  

Spelling and Grammar:

Articles must be spell checked and proof read for grammatical errors prior to submitting. Do not submit articles filled with spelling errors and bad grammar. We do monitor article submissions and we will reject content that doesn't meet this requirement.

Html links are allowed only in the article body, don't overdo it. An article with a bunch of links simply looks like an advertisement, and will not be accepted. A good limit is two or three links.

Do not use ALL CAPS for the title. If you submit a title using all caps, we will change it to upper and lower caps, or we might reject the article all together. Html is not allowed in the title.

Article Body:
Please keep your article a reasonable length. The preferred length of an article is 400 to ... words. And lastly, please make sure that the category you are submitting your article to relates to the topic of the article you are submitting.

Thank you for taking the time to read the Submission Guidelines for our site.

Last updated: 25 March, 2011